ABA Parent Coaching for Autism

We empower parents and caregivers with the support and time commitment to have a real impact at home and in the community!

Why You’ll Love HedgeHog

We’ve reimagined autism care to deliver solutions that improve your child’s progress.

Telehealth Convenience

Meet on your schedule from the privacy of your own computer or smart device.

Problem Behaviors

Working with you to replace problem behaviors with effective communication.

Parent Coaching

Delivering parents one on one support from an Expert Behavior Analyst.

Experienced Doctors

Led by our expert Dr. Jordan Boudreau who brings a Ph.D. in behavioral analysis and 16 years of ASD experience.

COVID-19 Concerns

Virtual coaching sessions and Support so you can get the care your child needs from the safety of your own home.

Immediate Access

No more waitlists! Tired of hearing that word? Get the care and support you and your child needs today!

Tools and training as unique as you.

HedgeHog Health is built by teachers, doctors and parents who are passionate about changing ABA therapy with parent-led coaching.

HedgeHog Health is bringing to market new innovative training and groundbreaking tools like the Hoglet. The Hoglet is our patented fidget computer mouse specifically designed to aid children and adults who are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. 

Learn like you!


Royal Oak, MI