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Hedgehog Health. Changing the way autism is diagnosed and treated.

When you have a child on the autism spectrum, the challenges and frustrations can be overwhelming. You want to do everything possible to help your child reach their full potential. But everything from getting a diagnosis to getting into an ABA center takes forever. Every day, month or even year spent waiting hinders your child’s progress.

That’s where HedgeHog comes in. By changing the way the current system works, broadening networks, and providing greater support for parents and caregivers, we’re making a real difference for you and your child.

A Diagnosis in Days

The sooner you know your child is on the spectrum, the sooner you can help them. By working with your pediatrician, we accelerate the diagnostic process by expanding therapist options and shortening wait times. Currently, our system can achieve an autism diagnosis in 3-5 days.

In-Home ABA Therapy

A child with autism benefits greatly from ABA therapy. These centers often come with daunting waitlists. Hedgehog uses its impressive network to find the experienced, licensed, and carefully screened ABA therapist who can come to you.

Parent Coaching Support

Combining parent coaching with in-home ABA therapy gives children the best of all worlds. If this feels overwhelming, know that we’re here for you. Using telehealth and teleconferencing, we provide the training and ongoing support you need to make a real difference for your child.

Brenden Williams
Johnson Doe
Sarah Reagan
jessica rabbit

Diagnosed in 3 days.

I was endlessly worried about my son, Brendan. He seemed to lag behind other children at daycare and just seemed more isolated. I talked to my pediatrician, who advised getting an autism screening and diagnosis. She also told me that due to waitlists, it could be months before I had the results and we could make a plan. I started looking for a better way.

HedgeHog was able to get us an appointment for diagnosis the same week we called, and the process went so smoothly we were blown away! Before finding HedgeHog, we called many providers and never received a call back. We'd definitely recommend HedgeHog Health to anyone.

How We Help You Help Your Child

A network of ABA therapists

We do not limit ourselves—or you—by geographic boundaries. This broadens our network of licensed, qualified, and experienced therapists. And eliminates waiting lists.

We want to work with your pediatrician

Your child’s doctor wants to help. We think that’s the best plan. By working with pediatricians and parents, Hedgehog can help children get the diagnostic testing they need. Quickly. And accurately.

Call on us

You’re not alone. Whether you need insights from someone who’s been there or a word of support, your CareTeam is always available. Reach out.

Autism is a journey. We’re here every step of the way.

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