Innovating to make a difference.

“After working with hundreds of kids across multiple states, I saw the need for supporting parents in their quest to help their child diagnosed with Autism.”

Dr. Jordan Boudreau
Chief Clinical Officer
meet our team

The heartbeat of Hedgehog.

The HedgeHog Health team is composed of  doctors, ABA therapists, and parents and family of children with autism. Because this is our community, and our entire world, we couldn’t help but notice how damaging wait times can be to a child’s development and a parent’s peace of mind.

Our mission and vision

We deliver tech-inspired ASD solutions that enhance a child’s progress, right from home. We’re dedicated to providing trusted ABA therapy support for families when you need it most — because building courage and consistency brings opportunity to autism.
Expert advisors working directly with parents navigate the journey of an autism diagnosis.

Hedgehog Health is making a difference.

By combining our years of medical, therapeutic and parental experience with medical and logistics innovations, we have created ways to make a profound difference.

Faster diagnosis.

We have reduced diagnosis wait times to just 3-5 days.

Parent coaching.

We Arrange and manage timely In-Home ABA Therapy.

Faster diagnosis.

Our coaching helps parents help their children.

We also developed the Hoglet.

An adorable gidget designed to give children on the spectrum a multisensory experience when working on the computer.