The heartbeat of Hedgehog.

Reimagining The Mouse

HedgeHog Health’s founder, Parker Lynch, struggled with ADHD growing up. As an adult, he dedicated himself to helping individuals with learning differences. He got a Dual Master’s degree in Special Education and Childhood Education and spent ten years teaching at schools in New York City, Connecticut, Texas, Detroit, and Thailand.

Parker worked with a lot of individuals with ASD and ADHD. Many of them had fidgets and benefited from them. But in some cases, they weren’t allowed to take them into computer labs, which left them anxious and unable to concentrate. Parker thought there must be a solution out there: a product that combined a computer input device and fidget capabilities. He looked everywhere. But surprisingly, no such thing existed. So Parker decided to create one himself. He started by brainstorming with the individuals he worked with. If they could reimagine the mouse, what would it be like? He also consulted parents, teachers, occupational therapists and board-certified behavior analysts (BCBAs), and he read a ton of research.

He began building models and prototypes: cutting up materials, gluing them to mice (he got really good with a glue gun), trying out all sorts of textures, shapes, and colors. He had the individuals rate the experience and give feedback. Through dozens of iterations and hundreds of feedback sessions, it became clear that an individual really responded to a certain level of squishiness (measured in “durometers”), a nubby texture, a tapered design, and bright, vivid hues. After 5 years of research, testing, and experimentation, and validation from hundreds of individuals and adult experts, Parker was confident he’d found the right design. It resembled a baby hedgehog. The Hoglet was born.

We created the Hoglet.

An adorable gidget designed to give individuals on the spectrum a multisensory experience when working on the computer.